4 Clever Ways a Courier Driver Can Find Work

Many a courier driver works independently. If you do, picking up new work means staying ahead of the game and being aware of new ways of finding jobs.

There is an art to succeeding in independent work: regardless of your industry, having to find your own clients, manage different jobs, and juggle your finances can be extremely challenging. You must learn to develop an instinct for when to work and when to relax, and most importantly, you need to know how to find new work.

When it coming to working as a courier driver, changes in the industry mean there are some clever new ways to swoop in on the jobs.

News ways to research the market

Independent workers in the delivery field know that they must sometimes compete with big firms, but more often than not a courier driver will find themselves subcontracted to these larger companies. To manage their own clients along with subcontracted work, they must figure out the ebbs and flows of their local market. The depth of available work, the speed needed to make a deal, the seasons when work will dry up – this knowledge comes with time, but also with testing. Thankfully, there are plenty of new ways to do this kind of research. Online, mobile, and GPS technology combines to give the independent contractor more immediate and widespread access to information about the density of local business, the amount of local competition, and the way routes are managed.

New ways to reach out to potential clients

This connectivity not only allows a courier driver to get a good sense of the waters in which they are fishing for work, it also helps them throw out a line. Online exchanges and various other forums herd potential clients together into one virtual place that has no peer in the print or physical realm. You only need to log in to find hundreds of people looking for parcels, packages and other goods to be shifted. You’re able to forge strong long-term relationships, get solid feedback for jobs well done, and even pick up return loads at the last minute. The local and global connection formed online is a boon for anyone in the delivery industry.

New ways to sell your brand

Finding work using these new methods is one thing, but beating the competition is another. No matter how small the pond or how little the fish, a courier driver knows there are others out there looking for the same jobs. You don’t have to adopt an aggressive marketing campaign, but you do need to know how to sell your brand to capture your fair share of the market. Social media marketing and targeted online contact with niche segments of the market can be done simply and to great effect.

New ways to manage your routes

The complexity of modern urban space is a constant navigational issue for delivery workers. Smart use of modern technology may give you access to a flood of jobs, but they will soon dry up if you can’t manage your routes well. This means knowing how to get from A to B without any delays and coordinating all your routes for maximum efficiency. Mobile maps and GPS tracking are behind new and exciting logistics maps that can plot, track, and help manage all this.

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