Life is a Game.

Life is game we have to play no matter what.  Just at what level are you playing your game of life? This is definitely way nicer to play than video games or Second Life.  However, bad news, you do not have a reset or second try button to press.

Let’s look at your life in another perspective. Have you thought of your life is the best game you will ever play?  We normally associate game with football games, video games, card games and whatever game you would think of.  Life is also a game.  It is just like the MMORPG game called Second Life.  In fact, at this very moment while you are reading this you are already in the game of the universe.  The moment you were born to this world, you are involuntarily chosen to play.

In the game of Second Life, you can do anything and everything you want which includes flying and teleporting.  Unfortunately, we can’t do that in real life.  Let’s take this around and put it into reality.  We are playing a real life game where we have no second chance, no reset button, no 2nd or 3rd lives.  There are many difficulty character modes you can choose in life, you may be a slacker, a nobody, a commoner, an artist, a policeman, a farmer, a successful food chain operator, a millionaire, a billionaire, etc…

In real life, you can also choose to be any character you wish to be.  Because, you have the choice.  One good thing about this real life game is you get to change your difficulty level at any point of time. From a commoner, you can immediately change to become a millionaire. (With hard work of course)

Sometimes, I wonder why some people are hooked onto playing video games when they have one of the most difficulty games to play which is their own life.  Is it because, in a video game, they get endless 2nd chances to replay whereas life doesn’t offer that restart chance?

If you are willing to play this real game of life.  Imagine yourself as a warrior character in an Role-Playing-Game, you start off as a noob with no experience. (That’s when you are young) As you fight to overcome certain obstacles in life, you gain experience and level up. At any point of time you wish to change your ultimate goal just change it and work hard towards it.

Life has many stages just like a video game.  Each stage, makes you stronger and more prepared for the next level.  Life is that way too.  It prepares you, makes you stronger so that when you reached your goals or dreams, you are well prepared to hold onto it.

I hope I didn’t confuse you too much with this flip side of life.  Think about it.  What level are you playing your game of life at? What is stopping you now? Change the game play.

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Jimm Yim